Reverend Summer Sattora

Summer Sattora

Reverend Summer Sattora is pleased to have found a home in Sackets Harbor for her first call. She is originally from Rochester, NY which is where she received her Masters of Divinity from Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School in 2017. She earned her BFA in Theatre from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA and while an acting career was not in the cards for her, it has served her well in her life.

Prior to ordination, Pastor Summer was working as a Youth Ministry Assistant at Asbury First United Methodist Church in Rochester. She is an avid reader and TV/movie watcher, and you will often hear references to various books and movies in her sermons. She is a proud cat lady and calls herself “cat mom” to two only sometimes obnoxious cats named Rocky and Winchester. Her previous work as a barista sparked a life-long love affair with coffee and it only took about two weeks of living here to become a regular at ChrissyBeanz.

Summer is a vegetarian and could never go vegan because she loves cheese too much. Although, she once thought she could never give up bacon, so perhaps “never say never.” She believes that you can be serious about your faith and still have fun with it. She also believes that Christianity and Social Justice work hand-in-hand and tries hard to live and preach that every day.

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